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resume film NARNIA

Dear lecture,
I have sent assignment 2

1. Resume
This film told us about the adventures of 4 (four) children. They are Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. The first, they lived with her mother in the city, but then they are evacuated to a village (in Professor Kirke's home) when the war was happened in their town.
In the Prof. Kirke's home, Lucy found a wardrobe when they played “hide and seek” with her brothers and her sister. The wardrobe brought Lucy to a wonderland that named Narnia and she met with a faun that named Mr. Tumnus. After that, Lucy back to the real world and told her brothers and sister about Narnia, but no one believed her. But one day, 4 children hid in the wardrobe and they found 'Narnia'. Finally, they believed to Lucy.
They began their adventure in Narnia. They must overcome the dangers in Narnia. One of the dangers is Jadis (the White Witch), the Queen of Narnia. Jadis made the snow always fall in Narnia ( always winter). Only 4 children (Adam's sons and Eve's daughters) and Aslan (the Lion) can broke the curse of Jadis (the Witch).
They fought together to seize Narnia from the witch. Before it, Edmund be a friend of Jadis because he believed that Jadis was The Narnia's Queen. But finally, 4 children cooperated with the people of Narnia to fought with the Witch. They won and the Witch defeated. Narnia back to the peaceful. Peter and Edmund become the Kings of Narnia, Susan and Lucy become the Queens of Narnia, and Aslan went away left Narnia. 4 children lived in Narnia until they grew up. One day they back to the real world through the wardrobe and they become the children again.

2. Some Messages from Narnia
● The important role of bravery to overcome the dangers.
● Never say give up to erect the truth.
● We can overcome every challenges if we cooperated.
● The important role of unity and brotherhood in our live.
● Kindness and honesty are very important in our live.
● And many more.

3. Criticism and Suggestion
The cinema is enough comfortable, sound system is good and the committees are enough kind. But the film that I watched is not complete because the film sometimes stop in the middle. My suggestion for the committees is do the best in the future. OK? In my mind, the cinema is good. I enjoyable it. Thanks a lot for the committees.

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