Selasa, 07 Februari 2012

Contoh Penggunaan Some, Any, Many, Much

#. Some

  1. My  brother gave me some books yesterday.
  2. Rita will buy some eggs to make the cake.
  3. I have some dolls in my bedroom.
  4. Dinda wrote some letters for her friends 2 (two) days ago.

#. Any

  1. I am thirsty, but I don't have any water.
  2. I didn't drink any tea yesterday.
  3. The creature can't live without any air.
  4. Do you have any sugar to make the cake?

#. Many

  1. There are many books in the library.
  2. The monkey eats many bananas everyday.
  3. There are many trees in the forest.
  4. I have many pens in my bag.

#. Much

  1. How much sand do you need to build your home?
  2. They drink much coffee everyday.
  3. There are much salt in Je'neponto
  4. His father gave him much money last night.  

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