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Contoh percakapan Bahasa Inggris :: Comparative and Superlative

Comparative And Superlative

Dialogue between Syahruni Syam and Suharni L. about Miss Universe Contest.
Arni           : Good morning, my friend!
Uni            : Good morning. How are you?
Arni           : I’m fine, and you?
Uni            : I’m fine too. I miss you so much because we didn’t meet for a long time.
Arni           : Yes, so do I. By the way did you watch the Miss Universe Contest on TV some          days ago?
Uni            : Yes, I did. They are very good. I like the finalist from Australia and Venezuela. How about you?
Arni           :  Why did you like them? I think the finalist from Russia better than the finalist from Australia.
Uni            : Yeah, but in my mind the finalist from Venezuela is the best.
Arni           : Why did you say it?
Uni            : Because she is smart, beautiful, and behavior.
Arni           : I don’t think so. I think the finalist from Russia more beautiful and smarter than the finalist from Venezuela.  
Uni            : Oh.. No. I think the finalist from Venezuela smarter than the finalist from Russia because the finalist from Russia can’t speak English fluently. In my mind the smartest finalist is from Venezuela. She is the winner.
Arni           : OK… It’s up to you. But I don’t think so. By the way what’s your opinion about Raema, the finalist from Indonesia?
Uni            : I think Raema is enough good. Although she can’t be the winner but she can showed a good performance and she can compete with the other people from the other country.
Arni           : Oh, no… look at the watch!!! It’s 10 o’clock. We’re almost late to study English. We must go to the class now.
Uni            : OK. Let’s go.

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