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Contoh Resep berbahasa Inggris:: How To Make The Mango Pudding?

How To Make The Mango Pudding?
You will need :
# 1 mango
# 9 gr white jelly
# 2 spoons maizena
# 200 gr sugar
# 400 ml water
# 200 ml yoghurt
# Blender
# Stove
# Pan
# Spoon
# Bowl
# Plate

1. Peel the mango and put it to a blender
2. Add the water and switch on the blender to make the mango juice
3. Sift the mango juice
4. Make the maizena be liquid with a little water
5. Boil the jelly, the sugar, and the water
6. Add the liquid maizena and the mango and wait until it is boil
7. Add the yoghurt and beat (aduk) the mixture until it is smooth
8. Pour the mixture into the matrix (cetakan) to cool
9. Put it into the refrigerator until it is cool and harden
10.Clean up the mess
11. Wait until the pudding is harden and store it in the plate and ready for dishes

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