Selasa, 07 Februari 2012

Contoh Penggunaan Tenses (Past, Present, and Future)

  • Past Tenses
The Simple Past Tense
          #. I went to the island to visited my sister last month.
The Past Progressive Tense
         #. I was going to the library when my cousin came to my home.
The Past Perfect Tense
         #. I had gone to the my uncle's home when Indah watched TV last night. 
The Past Perfect Progressive Tense
        #. I had been going to Semarang for two days when Dina went to Jakarta.
  • Present Tenses
The Simple Present Tense
        #. I go to the beach with my brother every Sunday.
The Present Progressive Tense
       #. I am going to Intan's home with my friend.
The Present Perfect Tense
      #. I have gone to Sidrap with my mother.
The Present Perfect Progressive Tense
      #. I have been going to the hospital since 10.00 am.
  • Future Tenses
The Simple Future Tense
      #. I will go to the market to buy some vegetables tomorrow.
The Future Progressive Tense
     #. I will be going my grandmother's home in Malino next month.
The Future Perfect Tense
     #. I will have gone to Manado before my sister back from Palu next week.
The Future Perfect Progressive Tense
    #. By the end of this year, I will have been going to Banjarmasin for 4 months.

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