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The international Seminar and Celebes English Contest 2008

The international Seminar and Celebes English Contest 2008

            English Department Students Association (EDSA), The Faculty of Teacher Training And Education, Muhammadiyah University of Makassar cooperated with ELC presented The international Seminar and Celebes English Contest 2008 with the theme “Celebes for The Glory Through English” in “Al- Amin” auditorium  Muhammadiyah University of Makassar.
            Tuesday, 29th  July 2008 was the final set of the English speech contest. The committees prepare something to made this event be good. This event began when the Juries, the participant, and the invitation entered to auditorium.
            The first, Master of Ceremony open this event. The next she invited the finalists to come forward in front of the audiences. There are 5 finalists. They are Hidayatullah Yunus, Ulfa Ikhwan Yunus, Tri Ayu Fatmawati, Afdalia, and Intan Puspita. After that the 5 finalists took the number to showed their performance in front of the audiences and the juries. There are 4 juries, 2 men and 2 women.
            The first finalist is Hidayatullah Yunus from SMK 1 Pinrang. He delivered his speech about Free Education. Hidayatullah explained about the condition of education in our country. He said that education in Indonesia was expensive so that many Indonesian people , especially poor family, difficult to got the good education. He order to us to support the free education in our country, especially in South Sulawesi because education is very important in our live. Hidayatullah delivered her speech for some minutes. After that, the 4 juries asked her many things and he answered the questions fluently and enthusiasm.
            The second finalist is Ulfa Ikhwan Yunus from SMA 2 Paolopo. Ulfa delivered the speech under the title “My Dreams for My Country”. Ulfa wanted to change all of the bad things in our country be better, such as education and economic. After Ulfa delivered her speech, 4 juries asked her some questions and she answered all of the questions. She showed a good performance.
            The third finalist is Tri Ayu Fatmawati from SMA 2 Palopo. She delivered a speech about Education and The Role of Parents for the Children. She was not fluent when she speech in front of the audiences and sometimes she saw the notes. Same with the other finalists, she also found some questions from the juries. Tri Ayu didn't really understand what did the juries say, so her performance was not maximal.
            The fourth finalist is Afdalia from SMA 2 Maros. Her speech is about the young generation. She said that as young generation, we must develop our skills and knowledges through education because education is very important in our live. So we must study wherever we are. If the young generation are good and smart, the country can get successful in the future. Afdalia can answered the questions from the juries and her performance is good.
            The fifth finalist is Intan Puspita from SMK 1 Pinrang. The theme of her speech is “Corrupter”. She said that Indonesia can't develop because there are many corrupter in our country, so from now we must cooperate to destroy the corrupter in our country. Her performance is enough good. She always smile, but she can't answered the questions from the juries fluently. Some of her sentences are false, so her performance was not maximal.
            After 5 finalists delivered their speech in front of the audiences and the juries, a man from ELC that named Ronald come forward and talked his opinion about the performances of 5 finalists and the contents of their speech.
            The next item was took a rest. The participants and some of invitations got noon prayer and then they had lunch in auditorium. Then entertainment session. Some participants come forward and sang a song in front if the audiences. And the next item was the announcement of the winner. SMA 2 Palopo be the winner. The finalists were happy. They got the cup.

Compare the 5 (five) Finalists with Myself
The 5 finalists showed the good performance in front of the audiences, although some of them sometimes see the note and do a little mistake but we must remember that nobody's perfect. They can speak English fluently and I'm so shy because my English ability is not good. From this contest, I found many knowledge about the important role of English in our live. I promise that I will develop my English ability (God Willing).     


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